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Learn and Follow my principles on
How I Created an Online Platform in 2013
that regularly earns me revenue even today?

In 2010, I started working online for the first time after I found a few genuine online job opportunities. Later, I discovered other potential ways to make more money as those jobs paid me a little.

Now, in 2023, I have been making passive income in blogging and affiliate marketing.
And, I help content writers, job-goers, stay-at-home parents, and students to make money from blogging

We all have plans to Blog. But LEARNING HOW is the game-changer!

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Why do You want to Chase Your Blogging Passion?

Money is crucial for all people to manage their daily lives. We want to make extra income through side hustles, part-time jobs, or work-from-home. But, only a few percent of people are becoming successful in online venturing.

Despite several online-earning opportunities, many people lack proper guidance. Starting a blog is easy these days and reliable for all people, irrespective of their profession.

In 2010, I discovered a few genuine methods to make money online. But the income is not sufficient enough for living.

Therefore again in 2013, I decided to start a blog to share my experience and struggles in doing online jobs. Finally today, after 10 years of being a passionate blogger, I am making a full-time living by blogging.

I started this blog as a hobby and turned it into a professional full-time business. Along with this blog, I run an IT startup and a few other blogs in other niches. Also, I started helping job-goers, students, home-moms, content writers, and entrepreneurs in starting their blogs.

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How to Monetize Your Blogging Passion?

Now, I will tell you how to turn your blog into a Lucrative Side Hustle.

Starting a blog on WordPress is super easy nowadays. You can put your blog live in a few minutes.

Requirements to Start a Blog:

  1. A Domain Name (Your domain name should be short, easy to remember, and must have niche keywords. I prefer buying '.com' domain names).
  2. Shared Web Hosting (It is enough and don't fall into the trap after reading other top blogger's suggestions).
  3. WordPress CMS Software (It's free and you can download it from
  4. WordPress Theme (I prefer Thrive Themes, however, you can choose other themes).
  5. WordPress Plugins (if required) (essential plugins are Yoast, Akismet, CDN plugin, Image Optimizer plugin, and a cache plugin).
  6. Knowledge to set up and install the software.

I have written a few blog posts on how to start a blog and monetize it. Do not forget to read the posts tagged under Blogging Category.

After you get all this stuff, you can set up your WordPress blog by yourself by watching YouTube Videos. However, I suggest hiring a WordPress developer to set up your blog initially. Since you are a newbie, you may feel overwhelmed with the information available on the Internet.

What Do I Have for You?
(If you are a newbie or a blogger?)

I have 10 years of experience in Blogging and know what to do to scale a blog and reach the desired goal.

I am a Newbie
(Just Planning to Start a Blog)

You know what - building a profitable blog is definitely going to be a game-changer in your career. Many college students, job-goers, stay-at-home moms, and entrepreneurs are starting blogging today.

There is great earning potential, and with the right approach, you can turn your blog into a profitable full-time business like mine.

It will hardly take 100 days to get your blog off the ground. Earn from Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, and more.

I am a Blogger
(Facing struggles)

Are you a blogger trying every possible way to generate revenue? But finally, end up empty-handed. You might have spent months or even years starting a blog, but no one is visiting your blog. Is it frustrating?

Google Adsense regrets approving your application. You are still not seeing the results you were hoping for. It's a frustrating year!

You are not alone, and we can easily fix the problem. I can help you find all issues that hold you back from growing your blog.

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